News – Danball Senki Wars Info

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Year 2055 (4 years after the events in Danball Senki W). LBXs have become the world’s largest hobby, big enough for pro leagues to be established, and people to make their entire living off being an LBX player.

Kamui Daimon Integrated Academy
Near Japan lies an artificial island called Kamui Island.
The streets are designed to look like the 1960s, with one particularly modernistic building in the mix. That modern building is the school Arata goes to, Kamui Daimon Integrated Academy. Known to be the most prestigious institution in the world for raising LBX players and mechanics, entrance to the academy requires an extremely competitive hurdle of being the champion of at least 3 official tournaments.

Second World
Below Kamui Island is a place called Second World. It’s a massive 10km diometer diorama. Once “War Time” is on, a holograph is emitted from the ceiling to create the illusion of a sky. Everything is vastly close to the real world, including bikes in the streets and other objects that operate just like they do in the real world. There are also special effects to create sunlight and adjust for different times in the day, as well as weather such as rain and storms.

Sena Arata (CV: Ohsaka Ryouta) – Age 14. Transfer student to Kamui Daimon. Bright and energetic personality. Loves LBXs and is pretty skilled, but his number one weapon is his “conceptualization”. His battle style is difficult to predict and he surprises the opponent with his strategies. Dream is to be a pro LBX player. LBX is DotPhaser(Facer)?
Hoshihara Hikaru (CV: Ishizuka Sayori) – Age 14. Another transfer student. Designated trap appearance. Doesn’t trust people easily. Quiet normally, but because very aggressive during LBX battles. Quite skilled. Arata’s roommate, also in 1st platoon. Has the skills to be able win the championship at the world tournament, Artemis. LBX is Baru Subarosu{}.
Izumo Haruki (CV: Maeno Tomoaki) – Age 14. Leader of 1st platoon Jenokku{}. Grades, skills as an LBX player are regarded superior. Keeps a strong spirit while he leads people. Regrets something from a past mission and is strict on his platoon. LBX is Oovein {}.
Houjou Muraku (CV: Iwase Shuuhei) – Ace class LBX player leader of Roshius{}. Sees Arata as an enemy. LBX is Gaunta Izerufa{Yzerfar}.
Kashima Yuno – Player from 4th platoon
Hosono Sakuya (CV: Anzai Chika) – 1st platoon’s mechanic
Namino Rinko (CV: hie) – female mechanic
Mito Reina (CV: Shimamura Yuu)

Virtual Nations:
Isokai Gendou (CV: Kawahara Yoshihisa)- Leader of 2nd platoon
Tougou Rikuya (CV: Namikawa Daisuke) – Leader of 3rd platoon
Catherine Ruth – Leader of 4th platoon
Fuujin Kaito (CV: Nakamura Yuuichi) – Leader of 5th platoon

Roshius Alliance{}:
Kiba Kageto – mechanic
Vanessa Gara
Mikhail Ruhk{}

Asahina Kouta (CV: Oda Hisafumi)
Sendou Kirika (CV: Kawasaki Meiko)

Anime starts April 3. Game will be on 3DS with release date to be announced later.
Production staff is pretty much the same as Danball Senki and W, except original human character designs are done by Shiino Hiroko (has worked on Layton and Inazuma Eleven) instead of Sonobe Jun.
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News – Next Danball Senki Series

Just gonna translate news and update as I find it…

The next Danball Senki to come after W is an entirely new series, meaning new characters, new storyline…

-New protagonist, Sena Arata
-LBX Academy story
-New revolutionary twist to LBXs
-Official title will be announced in March
-All 3 characters “seen” so far are male

No other info yet, but will update when I find it!!

Site Announcement

News – InaDan Movie Character Poll Open

It opened early :O
Vote once a day!

Voting Period: November 9 – December 17 at 17:00
Results posted on December 21.

The characters in the top 5 votes will debut in a “dream unit CD”. There will also be official Twitter icons made from the top characters.
Furthermore, from December 14 onwards, number of votes on each character as well as rankings/top 5 will not be shown. (Smells a little rigged, but hey the trolls rig too :P)

Data – Game: Overview

Title: Danball Senki / Boost
ダンボール戦機 ブースト

Console: Playstation Portable
Released: July 16, 2011 (original), November 23, 2011 (Boost)
Buy Danball Senki Boost at
Also at CDJapan
Review at Majinken!

Title: Danball Senki Baku Boost
ダンボール戦機 爆ブースト

Console: Nintendo 3DS
Released: July 5, 2012
Buy Danball Senki Baku Boost at
Also at CDJapan
Review at Majinken!

Title: Danball Senki W

Console: Playstation Portable, Vita
Released: October 18, 2012
Buy Danball Senki W (PSP) at
Buy Danball Senki W (Vita) at
Also at CDJapan (PSP)
Also at CDJapan (Vita)
Review at Majinken!

Title: Danball Senki Wars

Console: Nintendo 3DS
Released: October 31, 2013
Buy Danball Senki Wars at
Also at CDJapan
Review at Majinken!

News – InaDan Poll Opens November 11

The Poll site for Inazuma Eleven movies has been renewed with the announcement of the upcoming popularity poll for the InaDan movie. Voting will open November 11. The characters in the top votes will debut in a “dream unit CD”.

The bottom corner of the page says Gojou Masaru has graduated from the popularity polls and will not be in the poll this year.

News – Anime Episode Titles

According to a TV Program Magazine:
11/7 – “Countdown to Destruction”
11/14 – One hour Inazuma Eleven Chrono Stone special (no Danball Senki W ep)
11/21 – No title publicized
11/28 – The Boy With Shining Eyes

11/7 破滅へのカウントダウン
11/14 イナクロ1時間スペシャルのため休み
11/21 サブタイ表記なし
11/28 光る目の少年